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Charles River Scientists Present Research at AFOSR

Scientists from Charles River Analytics attended the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) Cognition and Decision/Distributed Intelligence Program Review, which took place from March 22-23, 2007, at Wright State University in Fairborn, Ohio. During the review, Dr. Jonathan Pfautz presented his research for Enhancing IPB with Representations of Meta-Information (EPROM) and Dr. Alexander Feinman presented research on the Rapid Evaluation and Analysis of Communication in Teams (REACT) project.

Dr. Pfautz explained his presentation at the review: “Command and control (C2) in complex, dynamic, high-risk warfighting environments is clearly challenging, particularly because of the increasing complexity of available technology for processing and presenting information. Commanders need to reason about and act on large volumes of heterogeneous information and are particularly challenged by the need to reason about the qualifiers of that information, which we refer to as meta-information (e.g., uncertainty, recency, pedigree). Too often, critical meta-information is not processed, ineffectively displayed, or not displayed at all in current C2 decision-support systems.”

Dr. Feinman then described REACT: “REACT is a project aimed at creating a system for monitoring team performance by analyzing chat communication. Merging discourse analysis with natural language processing, the REACT project aims to improve team awareness of performance via rapid evaluation of chat features. Specific indicators of team performance, such as turn-taking, topic ordering, and topic depth will be automatically generated via automated extraction mechanisms such as latent semantic analysis, hidden Markov modeling, and Bayesian inferencing.”

Both EPROM and REACT are funded by AFOSR.

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