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Charles River Analytics Vice President Co-Authors Chapter on Human Engineering Factors in Distributed and Net-Centric Fusion Systems

Dr. Jonathan Pfautz of Charles River Analytics co-authored a chapter in the book Distributed Data Fusion for Network-Centric Operations, which was published by CRC Press on November 14, 2012. Dr. Pfautz is Vice President, Cognitive Systems, and Principal Scientist at Charles River Analytics, a developer of intelligent systems solutions.

Dr. Pfautz co-wrote the chapter, “Human Engineering Factors in Distributed and Net-Centric Fusion Systems,” with Dr. Ann Bisantz and Mr. Michael Jenkins of the State University of New York at Buffalo. The chapter begins with a discussion of military intelligence analysis, its characteristics as a work domain, and the challenges it poses for human analysts. The authors then highlight features of fusion systems that may mitigate these challenges during stages of the intelligence analysis process. Lastly, they discuss a set of touch points for human control and interaction with a distributed, hard-soft information fusion system.

The book was edited by Dr. David Hall, Pennsylvania State University; Dr. Chee-Yee Chong, BAE Systems; Dr. James Llinas, State University of New York at Buffalo; and Mr. Martin Liggins II, MITRE Corporation. For more information about the book, visit CRC Press.

For more information about this research or or other projects or capabilities, contact Dr. Pfautz.

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