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Charles River Analytics to Present Broad Range of Human Social Cultural Behavior Projects at HSCB Focus 2011

Charles River Analytics, a developer of cutting-edge technologies for intelligent system solutions, will demonstrate several of its projects focused on Human Social Cultural Behavior (HSCB) at HSCB Focus 2011, which will take place February 8-10, 2011, in Chantilly, Virginia. HSCB Focus 2011 brings together members from industry, academia, and government to exchange ideas on HSCB modeling in the Department of Defense (DoD). The HSCB Modeling Program was created by the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) to push the state of the art in understanding important socio-cultural behavior.

Dr. Jonathan Pfautz, Vice President, Cognitive Systems, explained Charles River’s role in the program. “Human behavior modeling from an individual to a socio-cultural level has been a core research and development area for us for over 25 years. The emergence of the OSD HSCB Program reflects how important this research and development has become to our forces overseas. Support from the HSCB Program has helped us to continue our contributions to basic behavioral and social science and to address the many fundamental engineering challenges in model development. At the same time, we’ve been actively investing effort and resources to understand the operational needs—a perspective that has led to the successful development and deployment of our model-based software tools to warfighters around the world.

Charles River will present the following at HSCB Focus 2011:

  • Adapting Social Science to Influence Operations Planners (and Not the Other Way Around)
  • An Authoring Tool for Interactive Behaviors of Virtual Characters for Cultural Training
  • A Computational Toolset for Socio-Cultural Data Exploration, Model Refinement, and Model Validation
  • Designing Visualizations of HSCB Models to Foster Appropriate Trust
  • A Semi-Automated Interpretation Tool for Socio-Cultural Data Collection
  • Strategic Roadmap for Human Social, Cultural, and Behavioral Science and Technology


Dr. Pfautz also noted that, “Our presentations at the HSCB Focus 2011 conference really demonstrate the breadth and depth of our capabilities in behavior modeling and tool development in the broad spectrum of HSCB science and technology.”

In addition to these discussions, Charles River will exhibit its capabilities in HSCB modeling and simulation. Charles River’s experts will discuss cutting-edge research and significant new capabilities for the warfighter. These research and capabilities include:

Models – building, verifying, and evaluating computational models of human behavior—spanning individuals to societies

Model-Based Tools – developing and delivering software tools that use models to aid in analysis, decision making, and training

Modeling Technologies – maintaining frameworks, components, and toolkits that support the process of developing, validating, evaluating, and deploying models and model-based tools. Some of these technologies include:

  • AgentWorks™— agent-based modeling and simulation toolkit
  • BNet® — software suite for Bayesian belief modeling
  • Connect™ — highly flexible network analysis framework
  • Persona™ — tool for rapid construction of virtual characters
  • MAT™ — tool to refine and validate social science models
  • DRIVE™ — ontology-based visualization tool
  • Metronome™ — framework for plug-and-play construction of model-based tool


Data Analysis and Fusion – designing and developing methods and tools for the correlation, aggregation, and interpretation of data to support model-based analysis and decision-making.

Data Visualization and User Interface Design– designing, implementing, and evaluating perceptually- and cognitively-based visualization techniques and user interfaces.

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