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Charles River Analytics Staff Awarded Patent for Detecting and Responding to Cyberattacks

Current and former staff from Charles River Analytics, developer of intelligent systems solutions, have been awarded a patent for detecting and responding to cyberattacks on large network systems. The patent is for an improved security system and method to detect and respond to cyberattacks. The system includes an intelligent agent-based information retrieval subsystem that automatically discovers relevant data from distributed sources, a rule-based inferencing mechanism that interprets retrieved data within the current situational context, and a threat assessment and prediction mechanism that captures the interrelationships between cyber sensor outputs and cyberattacks.

This patent is representative of Charles River’s commitment to developing novel, intelligent solutions to defending against cyberattacks. For instance, in the MAAGI effort, Charles River is developing a tool to predict and prevent cyberattacks to support the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s Cyber Genome project.

For more information on patent number 8,150,783, visit the

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