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Charles River Analytics spin-out, Veero™, goes to market with precision virtual-fit solution for eyewear retail

New company delivers breakthrough commercial solutions using advanced human-modeling, AI, and computer-vision technology originally developed at Charles River Analytics.

Charles River Analytics spin-out, Veero™, today introduced its EyeSize virtual-fit solution for eyewear retail, leveraging a cross-section of advancements in human modeling, AI, and computer-perception technology developed at Charles River over the past five years. EyeSize is a user-centric, cross-platform solution that delivers a frictionless and precise “best fit” experience with just a few swipes on any mobile device.

Illustration of a young man lifting glasses to forehead looking at a phone with AI measurement markers on his face.
Veero EyeSize is based on technology developed at Charles River Analytics

The core of Veero’s leading-edge solution was originally created by scientists at Charles River Analytics as a smartphone app that could capture precise facial measurements to customize military and first responders’ lifesaving personal protection equipment.

Recognizing the potential for delivering a precision, virtual fit that advances the market beyond Virtual Try-On, Charles River Analytics invested in launching Veero as a new company. It is the latest example of Charles River scientists and engineers turning futuristic research and development into real-world, commercial solutions.

Everyone at Charles River Analytics congratulates Veero Co-Founders Stan German and Michael Kim and CEO Sam Mahoney.

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