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Charles River Analytics’ Senior Scientist Invited to Higher-Level Fusion Panel at Fusion 2009

Dr. Avi Pfeffer, Senior Scientist at Charles River Analytics was invited to serve on the higher-level fusion panel at the International Conference on Information Fusion (FUSION 2009). Fusion 2009 is the world’s premiere conference on information fusion for industry, academia, and defense organizations. The conference took place from July 6-9, 2009, in Seattle, Washington; this year’s theme focused on higher-level fusion.

Dr. Pfeffer’s served on the panel “Directions for Higher-Level Fusion Research: Needs and Capabilities,” which was led by Dr. Gary Toth of the Office of Naval Research, Professor Mitch Kokar of Northeastern University, and Mr. Marty Liggins of MITRE Corporation. Dr. Pfeffer’s presentation was entitled “Object-Oriented Probabilistic Programming.”

Dr. Pfeffer said, “Higher-level fusion requires rich and complex probabilistic models, so there is a need for advanced probabilistic representation languages. Probabilistic programming allows the modeler to build probabilistic models using the full power of programming languages. Object-oriented probabilistic programming makes it possible to construct models in which entities are richly interconnected and can be constrained in many useful ways.”

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