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Liz Thiry, Michael Jenkins AFWERX
Scientists Dr. Michael Jenkins and Elizabeth Thiry receiving the award for SOLAR at AFWERX 2019

Charles River Analytics Selected to Demo SOLAR Mixed Reality Application at AFWERX Fusion Event

Charles River Analytics Inc., developer of intelligent systems solutions, proudly announces that our SOLAR application was selected at AFWERX Fusion 2019 as one of 30 efforts with the most potential to help solve US Air Force multi-domain operation needs. We will demonstrate SOLAR at the AFWERX Fusion Demo Event in September.

Space Operations Visualization Leveraging Augmented Reality (SOLAR) is our mixed reality workflow support application suite. SOLAR combines multiple web and augmented reality applications—each with their own unique visualizations and interfaces—to provide a common operational picture with intuitive decision support and workflow guidance. SOLAR’s common operational picture transforms data from dissimilar, disparate sources into actionable intelligence aligned with the operator’s needs. Although currently centered on space battle management, command, and control,  SOLAR naturally lends itself to multi-domain operations.

Liz Thiry and Michael Jenkins SOLAR Demo AFWERX 2019
Charles River Analytics scientists at AFWERX 2019

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