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Charles River Analytics Presents Projects at Human Factors and Ergonomic Society Annual Meeting

Dr. Bethany Bracken, a senior scientist at Charles River Analytics Inc., gave a talk at the 59th Annual Meeting of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES), which took place at the Washington Hilton in Washington, DC, from September 19–23, 2016. Dr. Bracken presented several projects that acquire, process, and model data from various neurophysiological, physiological, and behavioral sensors into an estimation of cognitive workload.

“The target environments for these projects range from physically active conditions in which the users are completing physically- as well as cognitively-strenuous activities to less intensive, laboratory conditions in which the users are sitting at a computer,” explained Dr. Bracken. “In some cases, they use advanced machine learning algorithms to predict upcoming performance deficits.”

“The research and development conducted under these and other projects are informing the building and refinement of our Sherlock™ software product,” Dr. Bracken added. “Sherlock is an open, extensible software and hardware platform for rapid prototyping of solutions to collect, analyze, visualize, and reason about human physiological, neurological, and behavioral states.”

Read more about the presentation: “A Cross-Domain Approach to Designing an Unobtrusive System to Assess Human State and Predict Upcoming Performance Deficits.”

Charles River has participated at HFES’s events for several years, as part of its ongoing commitment to the field of human factors. In 2012, the company helped host the annual meeting in Boston.

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