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Charles River Analytics Presents Modeling and Simulation R&D at WinterSim 2010

Charles River Analytics, a developer of advanced technologies for intelligent systems, presented its research and development on modeling and simulation (M&S) at the Winter Simulation Conference (WSC 2010), which took place from December 5-8, 2010, in Baltimore, Maryland. WSC is a forum to showcase advances in system simulation in industry, government, military, and academia.

Charles River scientist, Dr. James Niehaus, presented “Modeling Ground Soldier Situational Awareness for Constructive Simulation with Rules,” which was co-authored with Dr. Scott Neal Reilly and Dr. Peter Weyhrauch. This presentation was based on Charles River’s MUSE (Modeling UDOPs within Simulated Environments) project, one of several M&S projects for the U.S. Army. With MUSE, Charles River is addressing a key need for the U.S. Army in managing the information Soldiers receive through User Defined Operating Pictures (UDOPs). UDOPs are devices for gathering information from Army networks and providing it to Soldiers based on the Soldier’s current information needs. MUSE uses M&S techniques to analyze the effectiveness of various UDOP designs before they are implemented, saving time and money.

Dr. Niehaus explained, “As military systems provide more information to Warfighters, it becomes increasingly important to understand how this information will impact Warfighter effectiveness and the battlespace. Our presentation described a method for modeling information flow via UDOP devices and its effects on Ground Soldier situational awareness, so analysts can understand the ramifications of these new technologies.”

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