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Image from Charles River Analytics project MULE-F.

Charles River Analytics Presents Mobile Ground Robotics R&D at the Ground Robotics Capabilities Conference

Charles River Analytics Inc, a developer of cutting-edge technologies for intelligent solution systems, presented its research on robotics at the Ground Robotics Capabilities Conference, which took place March 22-24, 2011, in Orlando, Florida. The conference brings together professionals from the military, government, industry, and academia in a forum to discuss unmanned ground technologies and increasing responsiveness to user needs. It was co-sponsored by the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) and the Defense Robotics Agency. The theme for this year’s conference was “Saving Lives, Saving $ – Are Robot Recruits the Answer?”


Charles River showcased its robot vision capabilities at the conference, in particular with a live demo of its Monocular Unmanned Leader-Follower (MULE-F), which it is developing with Dr. Stan Sclaroff’s Image and Video Computing Group at Boston University. MULE-F is a  compact payload for mobile ground robots that enables autonomous following of a designated soldier or follower.

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