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Charles River Analytics Presents Decision-Making Platform at MIT Humans and Technology Symposium

Charles River Analytics’ scientists presented the REASON platform at the MIT Humans and Technology Symposium that took place from January 22 to January 28, 2006, in Cambridge, MA. The symposium aims to present the benefits of human-centered research, design, and practice in a collaborative environment.

REASON (Rapid Evidence Aggregation Supporting Optimal Negotiation) is a collaborative decision aiding system that enables users to make rapid, rational, and sound decisions. It offers integrated support for synchronous and asynchronous collaboration in three modes: Web, standalone, and client.

Joshua Introne, a scientist at Charles River Analytics, described REASON’s capabilities during his presentation: “The interface presents geographically distributed users with a graph-based representation of an existing network. The system also evaluates the degree of consensus associated with each node in the network, and displays this graphically. This feedback allows collaborators to stay aware of the contentious areas within the discussion, and helps guide them to consensus.”

Charles River Analytics was also a sponsor of the symposium

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