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Charles River Analytics Presents a Framework for Assessing Cloud Trustworthiness at IEEE Cloud

Charles River Analytics, a developer of intelligent system solutions, presented its Framework for Assessing Cloud Trustworthiness, or FACT, at the IEEE 6th International Conference on Cloud Computing. IEEE Cloud is the largest academic conference exploring Services Computing, and this year’s theme was “change we are leading.” The conference occurs as part of the IEEE 2013 World Congress on Services, which took place from June 27 through July 2, 2013, in Santa Clara, California.

“The IEEE CLOUD conference draws researchers from across the world at the leading edge of research into cloud services,” said Curt Wu, Chief Software Engineer at Charles River.
“Based on conference discussions, it’s clear that security issues, such as those addressed by our FACT, must be solved or we risk the integrity of sensitive data in the cloud.”

Charles River’s software engineers described how they are developing FACT as a framework that treats the cloud as a black box and assesses its trustworthiness from the trusted cloud client. FACT then generates and performs diagnostic tests to assess the trustworthiness of cloud-based applications and data.

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