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Charles River Analytics Invited to Speak at Neuroscientific and Neurotechnological Workshop

Dr. Victoria Romero, a senior scientist at Charles River Analytics, has been invited to speak at the workshop Leveraging Neuroscientific and Neurotechnological (NeuroS&T) Developments with Focus on Influence and Deterrence in a Networked World. The workshop is focused on applying neuroscientific and neurotechnological (neuro S&T) developments to address current geopolitical challenges. Dr. Romero will speak on a roundtable discussion with Dr. Bill Casebeer and Dr. Jorge Barraza on leveraging current research to understand adversary influence strategies, and to assess neuropsychological correlates of variables that affect influence, such as trust, stress, and engagement. The workshop will take place on October 18, 2013, at the Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington DC.

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