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Charles River Analytics’ HSCB Modeling Technologies Highlighted in HSCB Program Newsletter

Charles River Analytics, a developer of cutting-edge technologies for intelligent systems, was recently featured in the Human Social Cultural Behavioral (HSCB) Modeling Program Newsletter for their research and development on HSCB modeling. In an article entitled, “An Approach to Bringing HSCB Modeling Technologies to Operational Communities,” Dr. Jonathan Pfautz, Vice President, Cognitive Systems, discussed an approach to developing HSCB-based applications using cognitive systems engineering (CSE). Dr. Pfautz said, “We continue our efforts to break new ground in computational social science by not only developing innovative models, but also by inventing methods that enable our military forces to make effective and appropriate use of those models.”

Charles River has developed HSCB modeling tools for over 25 years, most recently with a suite of tools supporting non-kinetic operations (for example, humanitarian missions and efforts to aid in the construction of critical infrastructure in developing nations).

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