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Charles River Analytics Employee Named Top Speaker at JavaOne

David Koelle Receives Third Java Rock Star Award for Session on Programming Music with JFugue

David Koelle, a Senior Software Engineer at Charles River Analytics, received a top speaker award for his presentation at the JavaOne conference that took place from June 2-5, 2009, in San Francisco, California. JavaOne is the largest conference for Java™ developers, and attracts over 15,000 attendees to the annual event. Session attendees named Koelle a Java Rock Star for his session, titled, “Programming Music for Fun and Productivity: JFugue and Log4JFugue.” Koelle’s co-speaker, Brian Tarbox of Wabi Sabi Software and the creator of Log4JFugue, is also an award recipient.

“JavaOne is an excellent venue for bringing developers from around the world together to learn about the latest Java developments and to share ideas with each other,” says Koelle. “I appreciate that the audience at my session enjoyed learning about JFugue, and about innovative ways in which music can be used to facilitate one’s productivity. For many people, the ability to program music easily rekindles their joy of programming!”

JFugue is an open-source Java API developed by Koelle that enables users to program music without the complexities of MIDI. Log4JFugue is an open-source Java API that converts an application’s log output into music, allowing one to listen to the status of an application.

This is the third JavaOne top speaker award for Koelle. Previous awards were for “JFugue: Making Music with Java MIDI and Illustrating API Usability” in 2007 and “Jamming with Java Technology: Making Music with JFugue and JFrets” in 2008.

Charles River congratulates David Koelle on his award.

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