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Charles River Analytics Develops Bioterrorist Detection Architecture for ARDEC

Charles River Analytics has developed an Agent-based Terrorist Attack Prediction (ATAP) tool to support the Homeland Defense Initiative. ATAP was created for early detection of bioterrorism and successfully demonstrated the detection of Anthrax attacks in high-fidelity urban terrorism simulations.

In continuing the development of ATAP, Charles River Analytics will enhance ATAP’s data retrieval capability in the area of bioterrorism, and demonstrate its effectiveness with actual data. Charles River Analytics will also widen the scope of this application to detect aviation terrorism within ATAP’s architecture. For the aviation component, Charles River Analytics is collaborating with the Transport Security Administration of the Department of Homeland Security.

ATAP incorporates a variety of technology to predict terrorist attacks, including mobile agents, ontology-based data modeling, dynamic Bayesian belief networks, and scenario-based simulations. In this case, ATAP will detect terrorist events, and provide impact assessment and response recommendations.

In developing ATAP, Charles River Analytics is collaborating with the Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC) in a two-year grant sponsored by the U.S. Army Research Laboratory. “Ardec has been described as the center of excellence in homeland defense,” said Subrata Das, Chief Scientist at Charles River Analytics. ARDEC has been awarded many national awards including the Presidential Award for Quality, two Army Communities of Excellence Awards and several Army Research and Development Organization of the Year Awards.

Charles River Analytics and ARDEC have collaborated on several projects in recent years, such as developing the Multi-Agent Robust Adaptive Decision aid (MARAD). MARAD involved the creation of custom alert conditions in a battlefield visualization system (CDAS).

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