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Charles River Analytics Completes Information Warfare Tool for SRA

Charles River Analytics recently completed a project to improve the effectiveness of Information Warfare operations. Charles River Analytics, Inc. designed Commander’s Decision Aids for Predictive Battle-space Awareness (CDA4PBA) in a subcontract for SRA, a leading provider in technology and strategic consulting services and solutions.

John T. Langton, the technical lead of the project at Charles River Analytics, described CDA4PBA’s ability “to inform commanders in the field when enemy troops deviate from their perceived plan.”

Langton explained a situation in which a commander believes an enemy is at location A and moving towards location B. When intelligence comes in indicating that the enemy is moving towards location C, this information is fed into Charles River Analytics’ Bayesian Belief Network tool, BNet™.Builder, which then notifies the commander of the change.

BNet.Builder is Charles River Analytics’ desktop application for rapidly creating Belief Networks, entering information, and getting results.

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