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Charles River Analytics Completes Adaptive Interface Prototype for NAVAIR

Charles River Analytics completed development of their Adaptive Interface for Management of Bias and Workload Reduction (AMBR) prototype for Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR). AMBR addresses the Navy’s need for advanced human/system interface concepts resulting from advances in operational and technological capabilities in Network Centric Warfare (NCW) environments. These environments have led to a dramatic increase in information availability, creating an explosion in the sheer quantity and complexity of information available on the battlefield, and in operational tempo, reducing the time available to process larger sets of tactically relevant information.

AMBR aims to alleviate this strain by making optimal use of the operator’s cognitive resources and minimizing the potential for operator error. AMBR’s adaptive interface strives to enhance the flow of information and control between operators and vehicles, which will improve the operator’s situation awareness (SA) and decision-making performance while alleviating workload and reducing the effects of cognitive biases. This enhancement thus improves survivability, lethality, and ultimately, mission effectiveness.

AMBR uses computational SA models, operator mental and physical state tracking, and cognitive bias tracking to drive the content, format, and modality of military displays for operation of advanced aviation systems.

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