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Oceans Edge Resort and Golf Club (Photo by John Kreis)

Charles River Analytics Celebrates 30th Anniversary at Cape Cod Outing

On September 27, 2013, Charles River Analytics, a developer of intelligent systems solutions, celebrated its 30th anniversary during a weekend outing to the Ocean Edge Resort and Golf Club in Brewster, MA. At a dinner party kicking off the weekend, Dr. Greg Zacharias, President of Charles River, presented a brief history of Charles River’s growth from a two-person, two-office operation in 1983 to its current state today with 125 plus employees. It now occupies over 35,000 feet at its headquarters in Cambridge, MA, two buildings at a systems integration and test facility in Wakefield, RI, and continues to expand at additional locations across the country to accommodate the company’s growth.

Dr. Zacharias highlighted what he believes are key reasons for Charles River’s success. “First and most important, we have smart, talented, motivated individuals, who continue to learn, have a sense of the big picture, and manage to maintain a sense of humor along the way. Second, we have a vision of solving our customer problems with the customer always foremost, using the most appropriate advanced technology that does the job. And third, our corporate culture values autonomy with responsibility, along with a collaborative approach that crosses many different skillsets.” He added, “I’m delighted to see so many of you taking a hands-on approach, diving in with the customers to find out what their real needs are, and working together to develop solutions to their problems.”

The evening began with a cocktail party and dinner for staff and guests and resumed the next morning with breakfast, followed by open time for staff and families to explore the resort and surrounding area. Activities included the “traditional” Cape favorites: golfing, swimming, bicycling, and mini golf.

Karen Harper, Senior Vice President, highlighted one of the sources of Charles River’s continued growth. “In recent years, we have expanded our technical areas of expertise beyond our established roots in computational artificial intelligence, computer vision, and human/systems integration. Through active recruiting of talented and motivated staff, our core competencies have been augmented to include expertise in such areas as neurocognitive science, cyber defense, and advanced systems engineering. Our highly skilled scientists and engineers have set the stage to continue our growth as we address ever more challenging problems across our customer base.”

One of the recent developments at Charles River is its transition to an employee-owned company at the end of 2012. Dr. Zacharias addressed staff in their new roles as owners in the company. “I’m confident in your future successes and that you all are ready to take things on. You are capable, smart, innovative, and energetic, perfectly suited to take the next steps in making Charles River all it can be.”

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