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Charles River Analytics Awarded Patents for Innovations in Bayesian Belief Networks

Staff from Charles River Analytics, a developer of intelligent systems solutions, have been awarded two patents for their innovations with Bayesian belief networks (BBNs).

Dr. Jonathan Pfautz, Vice President, Cognitive Systems, said, “These awards describe two methods we developed in our on-going efforts to make the power of Bayesian reasoning more accessible to end users. They cover critical simplifying assumptions, as well as the novel user interfaces enabled by those assumptions. We’ve had remarkable success applying these and other methods across a lot of our research and development efforts, and it’s truly amazing to see how users find Bayesian belief networks so much more intuitive and useful with our approach. These patents are already creating new opportunities for us as we actively pursue application for Bayesian reasoning in improving business intelligence tools and Big Data analytics.”

U.S Patent No. 8,170,977 was awarded for Conditional Probability Tables for Bayesian Belief Networks.

U.S Patent No. 8,078,566 was awarded for Methods and Systems for Constructing Bayesian Belief Networks.

These patented innovations will be included in upcoming releases of Charles River’s BNet® product suite, which includes:

BNet.Builder™ – to rapidly create Belief Networks, enter information, and get results.

BNet.EngineKit™ – to incorporate Belief Network Technology in your applications.

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