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Charles River Analytics Awarded Patent for BNet Software

Charles River Analytics is pleased to announce it has been awarded a patent for features captured in its BNet® software suite. BNet allows users to create and interact with a Bayesian network without switching “modes” from an editing mode into an interaction mode. This feature, commercially available only in the BNet software suite, is covered by U.S Patent No. 7,536,372: “Modeless User Interface Incorporating Automatic Updates for Developing and Using Bayesian Belief Networks.”

Dr. Jonathan Pfautz, co-inventor on the patent and Vice President – Cognitive Systems, said, “Allowing users to more intuitively and effectively use computational methods such as Bayesian networks has been a long-time goal of our research and development efforts. We’re delighted that the US Patent Office has recognized our innovations in Bayesian network software. The ongoing development of our IP portfolio in this and other areas of computational intelligence clearly contributes to our continued excellence in both government and commercial aspects of our business.”

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