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Charles River Analytics at A3DISS and CVPR Conferences

Scientists from Charles River Analytics presented a paper at the IEEE Workshop on Advanced 3D Imaging for Safety and Security (A3DISS) on June 25, 2005 in San Diego, California. The workshop brings together academic and industrial researchers in computer vision and image analysis to share information on 3D imaging technologies and their future usage in safety and security applications. The A3DISS workshop was held in conjunction with the IEEE Computer Society’s International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) that took place from June 20-25, 2005.

Charles River scientists presented the paper Single Camera Stereo for Mobile Robot Surveillance. The project was led by Magnús Snorrason, Vice President of Computer Vision Systems and Principal Scientist at Charles River Analytics.

McBride, J., Snorrason, M., Goodsell, T., Eaton, R., and Stevens, M. R. (2005) “Single Camera Stereo for Mobile Robot Surveillance,” CVPR Workshop on Advanced 3D Imaging for Safety and Security. San Diego, CA (June).

About Magnús S. H. Snorrason: Magnús leads projects at Charles River Analytics in computer vision, automatic target recognition, visual navigation, and modeling human vision. He manages the development of our VisionKit software product. Magnús led the development of obstacle detection and path planning software funded by NASA’s 2004 Mars rover mission. He has also been Principal Investigator on numerous projects sponsored by the DoD. Magnús completed all coursework and qualifiers in the PhD program in Cognitive and Neural Systems at Boston University. Mr. Snorrason received his BA degree in Electrical, Computers, and Systems Engineering at Harvard University in 1988.

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