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Charles River Analytics Announces the Release of VisionKit

Charles River Analytics announced the release of VisionKit™, a library of computer vision components allowing developers to rapidly prototype vision systems using advanced technology.

VisionKit is a tool suite for developing real-time computer vision applications. It supports video acquisition, image analysis, and a broad array of other algorithm needs. VisionKit greatly accelerates system prototyping and development, reducing time and cost. The components are written in C++, and are intended for real-time performance, while still offering a developer-friendly algorithm prototyping environment.

“VisionKit captures years of expertise in a number of advanced algorithms, implemented in highly-optimized code,” said Magnús Snorrason, Vice President of Sensor Processing and Networking. “It is our primary in-house tool for all projects needing content extraction from imagery of any kind. We have used it in over 20 projects for a variety of customers, ranging from custom image enhancement plug-ins to end-to-end multi-modality target recognition systems.”

VisionKit is Available in Three Configurations:
• VisionKit™ 1.0
• VisionKit™ 1.0 Plus, which includes installation support and custom solution analysis.
• Enterprise VisionKit™ Solutions, which includes deployable, embeddable code that meets your functional and throughput requirements.

VisionKit is available directly from Charles River Analytics

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