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Charles River Analytics Announces AdaTranslator, a Tool to Convert Ada Code to C or C++

Charles River Analytics, a developer of intelligent systems solutions, announces AdaTranslator™, a tool to convert code from Ada to C and C++ through an automated translation engine. AdaTranslator can convert code quickly, automatically, and securely, while preserving the exact functionality and behavior of the original Ada code. While manual conversions can take months and grow very costly, AdaTranslator takes only minutes at only a fraction of the cost. The translation engine is based on AdaMagic™, created by a team at SofCheck, Inc. led by S. Tucker Taft.

Curt Wu, Principal Software Engineer at Charles River Analytics, said, “With AdaTranslator, a process that was once labor-intensive and error-prone is now automated with the integrity of the translation enforced by the compiler.”

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