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Charles River Analytics and SIMAF Present SAMPLE Intelligent Agents Piloting the EAAGLES Flight Simulator at I/ITSEC

Charles River Analytics and the Simulation and Analysis Facility (SIMAF) of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base are jointly presenting the SAMPLE Intelligent Agent Implementation Tool for Situation-Assessment-Based Decision Support and the EAAGLES flight simulator at I/ITSEC, the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference. I/ITSEC takes place in Orlando, FL, from November 28 to December 1, 2005, with attendees from the armed forces, industry, academia, and government agencies.

Cory Wallenstein, Charles River Analytics’ Technical Lead for the effort, said, “At the conference, visitors will be able to step inside the cockpit of an F16 to interact with the EAAGLES flight simulation system and test their skill against our SAMPLE fighter pilot agents.”

Karen Harper, Vice President of Charles River’s Cognitive Systems Division, said, “Our joint presentation of SAMPLE and EAAGLES at I/ITSEC is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the forward-looking analysis and training capabilities enabled by the effective integration of human behavior modeling technology in high-performance simulation environments.”

EAAGLES (Extensible Architecture for Analysis and Generation of LinkEd Simulations) is SIMAF’s virtual simulation package that has been seamlessly interfaced with Charles River Analytics’ SAMPLE and GRADE toolkits. SAMPLE (Situation Awareness Model for Person-in-the-Loop Evaluation) is the underlying artificial intelligence tool for creating models of combat pilot behavior in EAAGLES, consisting of a human behavior representation model employing fuzzy logic, Bayesian reasoning, and expert systems. GRADE (Graphical Agent Development Environment) is the visual tool that enables the development, verification, and visualization of SAMPLE-based agents. The development of SAMPLE and GRADE were sponsored by the Aeronautical Systems Command (ASC) and the Air Force Research Lab.

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