Charles River provides an intellectual environment conducive to professional development and industry-wide collaboration. Our work ensures employees stay on the cutting-edge of technology and industry developments.

“The quality and amount of technology and equipment as well as the IT department and other support staff make it easy to be productive and efficient.”
- Lee K., Software Engineer II

Among many self-initiated activities, we provide:

Conference Attendance. We encourage active participation in academic, government, and industry conferences.

Publishing Opportunities. We encourage employees to publish papers and articles. Our research affords a multitude of publishing opportunities at every level.

Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) Committee.  Employee owners from across the company help ensure all employee owners are engaged in our Company’s success.

Seminar Series. Employees enjoy hour-long seminars from a variety of speakers followed by lunch on the Company.

Tuition Reimbursement. We encourage employees to pursue advanced degrees and continue education in their field and we often cover the cost of programs outside the formal tuition reimbursement benefit.

Task Forces. We encourage participation in task forces, which may allow employees to delve into topics outside the course of their jobs.

Professional Society Membership. We support our employees' active participation in their professional societies and pay for their membership.

A machine learning group discussion

“The smartest people I’ve ever met, who are willing to help you learn and grow. Hands down, the best learning experience of my life, and an amazing place to build a career.”

- Arthur W., Senior Software Engineer


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