Training Simulator from Charles River Analytics Prepares Pilots for Combat Training

Charles River Analytics, a developer of intelligent system solutions, announces a contract award for SUREFIRE: a Simulation for Ubiquitous Red Flag Instruction and Readying. SUREFIRE is a training simulation that prepares pilots to take part in the US Air Force’s Red Flag program, a two-week aerial training exercise for US military and allied pilots to practice intense combat simulations. SUREFIRE will be developed under a two-year contract, awarded by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). The Air Force currently expends time, money, and manpower to send personnel to other countries to prepare future Red Flag participants. SUREFIRE alleviates these reoccurring expenditures through a desktop-accessible simulation that recreates the airspace, training rules, and interaction with ground and air entities participating in the exercise. Pilots receive automated instruction through SUREFIRE and then participate in the types of realistic combat scenarios that they will encounter at Red Flag.

Mr. Eric Carlson, a scientist at Charles River, said, “SUREFIRE is built on a commercial flight simulation engine offering the best realism with the lowest lifecycle costs, integrated with cutting edge software from Charles River Analytics and our partner, HandHeld Speech.” Our AgentWorks™ agent creation framework lets us quickly develop and implement interacting simulated ground and air entities. HandHeld Speech’s advanced speech recognition technology allows for natural vocal interaction with these entities. Finally, a highly usable scenario editor, which we created specifically for SUREFIRE, allows Red Flag cadre personnel to rapidly craft and edit customized training scenarios to ensure accurate, up-to-date training as conditions and exercises change, all without having to go back to the simulation developer”

Mr. Samuel Mahoney, a group director in the Cognitive Systems Division at Charles River said, “We are confident that SUREFIRE will be a tremendous resource for our military and are proud to be part of this project.”

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