Draper Lab Awards Subcontract to Charles River Analytics

Charles River Analytics received a subcontract from the Charles Stark Draper Laboratory to provide support in the Human/System Interface for Risk-aware Mixed-Initiative Dynamic Replanning (RMDR) project within the Office of Naval Research Intelligent Autonomy program.

Future naval operations in the littoral environment are expected to make extensive use of unmanned vehicles to support a range of operations, including intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), mine warfare, force protection, and anti-submarine warfare (ASW). Within the scope of the IA program, ONR is pursuing technological advancements to support future operations in the littoral environment by developing advanced autonomous mission planning and execution technologies for teams of heterogeneous unmanned vehicles. One significant goal of the IA program is to maximize the vehicle to operator ratio in a manner that will effectively transition the human operator’s role from that of in-the-loop controller to that of supervisory manager.

With their experience in mixed-initiative control supporting the enhanced integration of human operators and autonomous unmanned vehicles, Charles River Analytics and Draper Laboratory are ideally suited to develop RMDR. They have a proven record with their collaborations in recent years, including JAGUAR and MICA.

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