Charles River to Support U.S. Army’s Objective Force Warrior Initiative

Charles River Analytics Inc. announced today that it is supporting the U.S. Army’s Objective Force Warrior (OFW) initiative to develop revolutionary capabilities for the future Army warfighter. Charles River will accomplish this under an OFW Concept Development agreement as a member of the “Wolfpack Enterprise”. The team, led by Exponent, Inc., includes Booz Allen Hamilton, The Wexford Group International, Hamilton Sundstrand and Wyle Laboratories. The program is an eight-month $7.5M effort of technology evaluation, concept design, and architecture development.

“We believe this is a uniquely qualified team, with the broad range of capabilities demanded by this rapidly-paced concept design effort,” said Greg Zacharias, President of Charles River. “We are very pleased to be a part of this, and look forward to contributing our expertise in smart systems technology to the development of future Objective Force soldier systems.”

Said Exponent’s Dr. Gary Riccio, the Wolfpack Enterprise Project Manager, “We are looking forward to developing the best solution for the Army’s future soldier system over the next eight months. To that end, we are pleased to have Charles River Analytics on our team to help us meet the needs of the Army and most importantly of our soldiers.”

OFW is an Army flagship program that is based on large-scale improvements in soldier lethality, survivability, and agility. The OFW program involves development of technologies for lightweight protective combat ensembles with integrated multi-function sensors, networked communications, collaborative situational awareness, enhanced positioning navigation, networked fires, collaborative embedded training, medical status monitoring, and unmanned air and ground sub-systems. OFW will complement Future Combat Systems (FCS) in the Objective Force strategy for the military.

Charles River’s role as part of the “Wolfpack Enterprise” team is to provide expertise in the use of computational intelligence for OFW netted communications and collaborative situation awareness requirements during OFW’s technology assessment and concept design phase. “We look forward to applying our extensive expertise in intelligent agents, adaptive human/machine interfaces, and advanced information management technologies to the many technical challenges posed by the OFW requirements,” said Karen Harper, Principal Scientist at Charles River.

The Wolfpack Enterprise unites six companies into one premier alliance for this and future agreements. Together the six companies will bring their individual strengths to bear on developing the most advanced technologies for the future soldier system. Interested parties can learn more about the program at or

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