Charles River Analytics Develops Situation Awareness and Knowledge Acquisition Tool for the AFRL

Charles River Analytics received a follow on contract from the Air Force Research Lab to develop the On-line Situation Awareness and Knowledge Acquisition (OSAKA) system for Air Operation Centers.

Recent military operations have demonstrated the need for enhanced battlespace situation awareness (SA). The Air Force requires a system to manage the multiple types of advancements in intelligence information in order to enhance decision-making capabilities. Charles River Analytics is using a novel approach in developing OSAKA by incorporating Bayesian belief network SA models with an on-line model adaptation and knowledge acquisition scheme.

Charles River Analytics is using their Bayesian belief tool, BNet.Builder™, in the OSAKA system. BNet.Builder is a desktop application for rapidly creating Belief Networks, entering information, and getting results. With a belief networking tool in house, Charles River can devote more resources to develop OSAKA. In this Phase II effort, Charles River will enhance and expand the system functionality of the Phase I system as well as develop a full-scope prototype.

Charles River Analytics is distinctly qualified to develop OSAKA with its extensive experience in C4ISR, intelligence, sensor management, military information processing systems, R&D projects for the DoD, and hybrid artificial intelligence systems.

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