Charles River Analytics Develops JFACC System

Charles River Analytics received follow on funding from the Air Force Research Lab to develop the JFACC Agent-based Mentoring System (JAMS). JAMS is an online, software-based mentoring tool that monitors mission planning and execution activities within the Joint Air Operations Center (JAOC) and advises the Joint Force Air Component Commander (JFACC) regarding status and effectiveness of mission planning and monitoring operations.

JAMS is divided into three major components: a suite of mentoring agents, a user model, and a human/system interface. The mentoring agents encode the task space for JFACC operations. The dynamic user model estimates the user state and adjusts interactions between the user and mentoring agents. The intuitive human/system interface supports JFACC’s understanding of current objectives, tasks, and performances.

Charles River Analytics is uniquely suited for this project with its extensive experience in air operations management and modeling, agent-based intelligent behavior representation, user-oriented human/system interface development, and modern software engineering.

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