VisionKit™ is a software toolkit for developing real-time sensor processing applications. It provides data acquisition and streaming, along with a broad array of processing and analysis algorithms, specializing in imagery data such as full motion video, sonar, and radar. VisionKit accelerates development time by providing a simple and intuitive application programming interface (API) to complex sensor processing algorithms. While it uses several free software libraries internally, its standardsbased, consistent interface frees the application developer from the effort that would be otherwise spent tying together disparate sets of APIs. VisionKit is distributed as a set of cross-platform C++ libraries, currently available for Windows, Linux, and iOS. The first commercial release (v1.0) was announced on June 1, 2007, and includes a subset of the functionality available in our in-house library. Recent examples of applications we have developed using VisionKit include computer vision-based command and control of a mule robot, automatic anomaly detection for video surveillance, and precise real-time geo-registration for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) sensors.

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