Autonomy You Can Trust

Wondering how to make autonomy work in complex, unpredictable operational environments with intermittent, limited, or nonexistent bandwidth? How to move your autonomous operations from human in-the-loop to human on-theloop control? How to negotiate skyrocketing technical complexity when moving from a single vehicle to a heterogeneous swarm, which can act and reason in ways that defy intuition? For autonomous systems, there are a multitude of interrelated problems and no grand unified theory that solves them all. So we’ve built our expertise from the ground up, developing proof-of-concept demonstrations, highly capable prototypes, and innovative products for a wide range of autonomous applications, supported along the way by an engaged user community and distinguished sponsors through countless government technology development programs. We integrate this diverse work into a unified autonomy framework and architecture, guided by a surprisingly simple idea: True autonomy will be widely adopted only when it can earn your trust.

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