The AgentWorks™ toolkit allows you to rapidly develop, verify, and visualize intelligent agent-based systems. It provides a component-based software modeling framework that enables the integration of hybrid computational reasoning engines into systemlevel behavior models or decision support applications. Applications of AgentWorks include: (1) models of human decision-making behavior that have been embedded as computer-generated forces (CGFs) in a range of military and civilian simulation platforms to support simulation-based training and acquisition programs; (2) decision support systems that offer a diverse suite of underlying computational reasoning capabilities to support an operational user in making faster and better-informed decisions; and (3) models of intelligent behavior that represent future unmanned system capabilities. AgentWorks currently provides a variety of computational reasoning engines, including Charles River’s BNet® toolkit for Bayesian modeling and our Connect™ social network modeling and reasoning toolkit, allowing system developers to specify, design, implement, and validate agent-based systems within a shorter and less costly development cycle compared to the home-grown development practices now in use. AgentWorks supports a modular component structure, allowing you to rapidly integrate further reasoning capabilities as the need arises.

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