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BNet® Products Used in Artificial Intelligence Research

Dr. Ken Modesitt of Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW) and Don Snyder of Northrop Grumman used BNet products in an Artificial Intelligence graduate class they taught during the Fall 2006 semester. Students used BNet.Builder™, a Bayesian belief network modeling tool, and BNet.EngineKit™, a developer toolkit for embedding belief networks into software applications, to control robotic tanks in the Robocode system. Robocode provides a platform for software tanks to compete in battles until there is one champion. The students’ goal was to use Bayesian networks to perform autonomous decision making in the robots.

Don Snyder explained, “BNet products were a key component of the research. The students used BNet.Builder to construct the Bayesian networks, which used environmental and operating conditions to help the robots choose the best strategies to use against their opponents.”

Mr. Snyder continued, “They then used BNet.EngineKit to help the robots make these decisions in real-time during a battle. The results of the class were promising, and we plan to teach a follow-on course to continue the research.”

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