DARPA awards Charles River Analytics multiple SBIR contracts to explore artificial social intelligence for enhanced collective problem-solving

workforce management system

Charles River Analytics was awarded a ~$1.5 M contract from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to create a toolkit that enables collaboration among experts. The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) sequential Phase II contract builds on previous work on a cross-domain collaboration workflow management system and an artificial intelligence (AI) coach for teams. […]

Charles River Analytics Awarion® Autonomous Lookout System Wins a Popular Science 2023 “Best of What’s New” Award

Advanced collision-avoidance notification system uses AI and computer vision to detect the presence of whales, ships, and other objects (CAMBRIDGE, MA) – Charles River Analytics announced that its Awarion® Autonomous Lookout System was selected as a groundbreaking innovation by Popular Science. Awarion, which is currently being deployed to assist marine mammal protection measures during offshore […]

Q&A with Spencer K. Lynn, Senior Scientist in the Human-Centered AI Division

Spencer Lynn is a Senior Scientist with a PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. His research background is in learning, perception, and decision-making using behavioral, neurophysiological, and computational modeling methods. At Charles River, Spencer brings biologically inspired approaches, from neuroscience to behavioral ecology, to the intelligent systems that we build. Q: What is your favorite […]

Navy awards additional contract for Charles River Analytics to develop speech processing for training applications

Illustration of a main and woman talking on headsets with audio file overlays

Charles River Analytics was awarded a Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract from the Naval Air Systems Command Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD). Supported by this funding, the Charles River team and partner OWT Global are developing techniques to tailor speech processing to specialized training applications. Speech recognition and generation […]

Charles River Analytics awarded contract to develop improved virtual training materials for US Navy

virtual marine navigation training system

Along with the University of Nevada, Reno, Charles River Analytics received a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II award to develop an intelligent tutoring system (ITS) that improves the navigation, seamanship, and ship-handling skills of the US Navy’s Surface Warfare Officers (SWOs). The prototype tool, Mentoring and Responsive Learning through Intelligent Nautical Skill-modeling, Prompting, […]

Air Force Research Laboratory awards Charles River Analytics contract to develop operational XR for space domain awareness

Charles River Analytics was awarded a $1.25 million contract through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program sponsored by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), Intelligence Systems, Analytical Systems Branch. The funding enables Charles River to expand their work on an extended reality (XR) system for space situational awareness—as well as battle management and command […]

Charles River Analytics nets contract to increase shared awareness with mixed crewed and uncrewed teams

JET with task plan displayed

Facilitated by a Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Phase II contract from the US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), Charles River Analytics is developing advanced display tools that will help human operators effectively team with autonomous systems in challenging communication environments. Tactical Interfaces for Teaming with Autonomy (TITAN) is a multiphase endeavor that will develop […]

New mental health screening tool from Charles River Analytics will aid in warfighter health and readiness

Solider at computer being evaluation with text and images on a screen. Overlay of physiological response graphs.

Charles River Analytics is partnering with researchers from Tufts University, the Georgia Institute of Technology (GA Tech), and Emory University to develop techniques for conducting more objective psychological state assessments of warfighters and veterans. The Preconscious Signal Compilation for Robust and Individualized Belief Evaluation (PRESCRIBE) project won a nearly $10.5M contract from the Defense Advanced […]

DARPA’s Defense Sciences Office awards Charles River Analytics contract to develop adaptable AI

Illustration of a city skyline with symbols indicating various environments that would be helped with adaptable AI, like hospitals, bio labs, etc.

Charles River Analytics is combining probabilistic programming and symbolic reasoning for flexible, more resilient artificial intelligence (AI). The company was awarded a $1.6M Phase II contract from the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program to develop adaptable AI systems. This project builds on previous progress that the Charles River team made in combining the best […]

Charles River Analytics awarded contract to develop predictive AI-enabled maintenance tool for electrical transformers

Photo of a electric power transformer on right and control center on left that is monitoring health of transformer

Charles River Analytics received a $1.1 million sequential Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract to deliver condition-based maintenance of electrical transformers to keep critical power systems running. Probabilistic Operations Warranted for Energy Reliability Evaluation and Diagnostics (POWERED) integrates large amounts of available transformer data to diagnose equipment health and predict the possibility of […]

NASA awards Charles River Analytics additional contract to advance concepts for robots working as a team for lunar exploration

NASA awards Charles River Analytics additional contract to advance concepts for robots working as a team for lunar exploration Charles River Analytics, in collaboration with Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), was awarded a $750,000 contract from NASA to enable robots to work together to explore the Moon. Under the Autonomous Swarming for Teams of Exploration Robots […]

United States Space Force Unit 13th Delta Operations Squadron (13 DOS) using augmented and mixed reality for training and education

(MAXWELL AIR FORCE BASE, AL/CAMBRIDGE, MA) – Space Force Unit 13th Delta Operations Squadron (13 DOS), responsible for Guardian education, including institutional professional military education, continuing education, advanced education programs, and USSF officer accessions, today announced it will use the extended reality suite, SOLAR, developed by Charles River Analytics, to teach space operational concepts and […]

Army taps Charles River Analytics to develop personnel safety system for autonomous ground systems

Multiple-camera system that ensures safer operations using ML

Charles River Analytics was awarded a $1.7 million contract from the Army Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program to develop a personnel safety system for autonomous ground systems. Operational safety is paramount to successfully deploying driverless systems, as they will operate alongside soldiers, bystanders, and hostile actors. Therefore, these systems must be equipped with a […]

Charles River Analytics completes NASA contract, develops hybrid AI system to identify and assess wildfire risk

Aerial photo of house rooftops in suburban community with tree configuration, vegetation and building materials identified and nearby wildfires depicated. A topographical map is in the background depicting fire locations.

Charles River Analytics has completed the first phase of a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to develop an AI-assisted wildfire risk assessment system. The Wildfire Integrated Modeling, Prediction, and Learning Environment (WIMPLE) uses hybrid artificial intelligence (HAI) to analyze data from multiple sources and provide a better overall understanding […]

Charles River Analytics nets contract to enhance Naval situational awareness at sea

Various ships and boats on water with inset map below. Vessels are being identified and tagged: Contrainer Ship, Sailboat, Object, Ship. One is Tagged as Container Ship - PPL. Text was recognized on vessel.

Charles River Analytics received a $1.8 million contract to classify and identify ships and other vessels at sea. The Automatic Text Extraction for Awareness in the Maritime (A-TEAM) system works with existing labeled image datasets and banks of unannotated maritime images to enable automated systems to recognize text on ships at sea. Knowing the ship’s […]

National Institute of Health award extends grant for Charles River Analytics to build VR training technology to help workers manage hazardous materials safely

Virtual Reality (VR) image of spilled toxic waste being cleaned by workers in hazmat overalls. In the foreground a trainee with VR equipment is participating in the training.

Charles River Analytics was awarded an additional Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) to create VR modules that enhance training for hazardous waste operations and emergency response (HAZWOPER). Following a successful Phase I and supplemental COVID-19 grant, Charles River continues to build VR content to bridge […]

Charles River Analytics awarded Phase II SBIR contract to help Department of Defense analyze personnel sentiment using natural language processing

Illustration of message call outs being given the a thumbs up or thumbs down. Additional indicators provided with various face emojis, happy, side, confused, etc.

Charles River Analytics received a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract from the Department of Defense (DoD) to develop software that uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to analyze free-form text for sentiment. The Jargon Association for Language Analysis in Domains (JALAD) program will save the DoD time and money, as the software automates the […]

Charles River Analytics spin-out, Veero™, goes to market with precision virtual-fit solution for eyewear retail

New company delivers breakthrough commercial solutions using advanced human-modeling, AI, and computer-vision technology originally developed at Charles River Analytics. Charles River Analytics spin-out, Veero™, today introduced its EyeSize virtual-fit solution for eyewear retail, leveraging a cross-section of advancements in human modeling, AI, and computer-perception technology developed at Charles River over the past five years. EyeSize […]

Charles River Analytics wins Army contract to develop AI-based adaptive cybertraining tool

Two soldiers at a laptop discussing cyber shield exercise

Charles River Analytics won a contract, in two phases, to develop an artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning-based cyber opponent that would enable more frequent and less resource-intensive cybersecurity training. The $1.1 million Phase II contract, awarded through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, will run through July 2023. Given the growing threat of cyberwarfare, […]

Charles River Analytics nets SBIR contract to achieve smarter cyber resilience of aircraft systems

AI Brain Neural Network Super Computer. Artificial Intelligent, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and NLP Natural Language Processing cognitive computer technology concept. 3D Render

Charles River Analytics received a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract from the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) to improve cyber resiliency of aircraft systems. Cyber Grammar Representations for Attack Meta-Monitoring including Analysis and Response (CyGRAMMAR) is the result of this effort. Aircraft pose a special challenge for cybersecurity: If a breach were to occur, […]

Q&A with Ross Eaton, Principal Scientist and Director of Marine Systems

Ross Eaton sitting at desk

Who knew that at the intersection of introductory computer programming and psychology courses, a first semester chemical engineer would find his way into the computer vision space and help build a camera system that protects whales. Q: Tell us a little bit about your background. A: I went to Yale thinking I was going be […]

Vineyard Wind Partners with Local Tech Firm on Enhanced Marine Mammal Detection

Charles River Analytics to Provide Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision Technologies to Enhance Wildlife Protections (NEW BEDFORD, MA) – Vineyard Wind and Charles River Analytics announced a new collaboration today aimed at further protecting marine mammals during the construction of the Vineyard Wind 1 project. As part of the effort, Vineyard Wind will employ Awarion® […]

Charles River Analytics and Team of Researchers Net $11.3 million to Research Authorship Attribution and Authorship Privacy

Finger print with grammar attributes, granular, sports metaphor, passive voice, alliteration, oxford comma, exemplification

Charles River Analytics is part of a team of researchers that won a $11.3 million contract to infer authorship of uncredited documents based on the writing style. The Human Interpretable Attribution of Text Using Underlying Structure (HIATUS) program sponsored by the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) uses natural language processing techniques and machine learning […]

Navy Awards Additional Funding to Charles River to Help Conduct Forensic Analysis of Cybersocial and Cybertechnical Attacks

Abstract illustrative showing how disinformation can be observed with CADE.

Charles River Analytics won $2.5 million, in two phases, for modeling and inferring intent of cyberspace threat actors. As cyberwarfare ramps up, analysts need effective forensic analysis of both kinds of cyberattacks; on IT infrastructure (cybertechnical) and through social media operations spreading disinformation (cybersocial). Unfortunately cyberattacks have become increasingly complex with explicit obfuscation techniques to […]

Charles River Analytics Named to Top 100 Women-Led Businesses in Massachusetts by The Women’s Edge and The Boston Globe

Annual award highlights women business leaders who are making a significant impact on the state’s economy The Women’s Edge (formerly The Commonwealth Institute)  together with its partner The Boston Globe, today announced Charles River Analytics was a part of the 22nd annual Top 100 Women-Led Businesses in Massachusetts list. “The organizations on this year’s diverse […]

Charles River Analytics Wins Contract to Enable More Robust AI Model Development

Illustration of the 3 technical areas of the DARPA EDGE program: Compose, Test & Explore, and Quantify

Charles River Analytics received more than $9M from the US Department of Defense to develop modeling tools for more fail-proof artificial intelligence (AI) systems. As AI systems are increasingly called into service, there’s a greater need for human-machine interfaces (HMI) that keep the operator in the loop.  With these interfaces, if an AI model is […]

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Awards Charles River Analytics Grant to Design a Tool for Fertility Clinics to Help Manage Pregnancy Outcomes

Man and women reviewing information on a laptop with their OBGYN Doctor.

Charles River Analytics was awarded funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to develop a health management application that helps fertility clinics receive pregnancy outcome information from patients who have undergone assisted reproductive technology (ART) treatments. Clinics that provide ART treatments are federally mandated to report outcomes to the CDC to support […]

Embedding AI Ethics: Making AI Safer for Humanity

Defining ethical boundaries surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) is a nuanced and complex endeavor. Practitioners and users of AI generally agree that “ethical AI” is not a nice-to-have— it’s a high priority, and developers of AI systems are responsible for ensuring that those systems behave ethically. When developers abdicate this responsibility, adverse outcomes range from biased […]

Q&A with Ryan Kilgore, lead of the UX Innovation Division

Ryan Kilgore Leaning Against Textured Wall

From Monopoly strategies to Chemical then Human Factors Engineering, Ryan Kilgore, Vice President, UX Innovation and Principal Scientist, has always been interested in understanding human behaviors, the way we think, and how we work with complex systems. Q: First, tell us about your background. A: I have a PhD in Human Factors Engineering, which focuses […]

Department of Energy Awards Small Business R&D Funding to Charles River Analytics

Concept: Man with laptop wearing hardhat viewing various AI images

U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm announced that Charles River Analytics, Inc. will receive $200,000 as part of 259 Department of Energy grants totaling $53 million to 210 small businesses. The awards include projects relating to particle accelerators and fusion technology, applied nanoscience, quantum information applications, and dark matter research, along with a wide range of […]

Introducing Scruff

Logo for Scruff, an artificial intelligence framework

Avi Pfeffer, Chief Scientist, Charles River Analytics I’m delighted to announce the release of Scruff™, the new AI framework from Charles River Analytics. Scruff, which is implemented in Julia, is a framework for building integrated AI systems that combine different modeling paradigms in a coherent framework. The name “Scruff” derives from old debates in AI: […]

Charles River Success Leads to Additional Navy Funding for Real-Time Ocean Mapping

An uncrewed aircraft system captures data about the ocean surface and transmits it to a nearby ship

Following a successful proof of concept, Charles River Analytics was awarded more than $1.1 million by the US Navy to apply computer vision and autonomous robotics capabilities to navigation over the open ocean. Images of the ocean can be captured by sensors on uncrewed aircraft systems (UASs), which also record data about position, orientation, and […]

Charles River Analytics to Design a Maintenance System for the US Army’s Robotic Combat Vehicles

Two US Army soldiers looking at computer monitors showing images of robotic combat vehicles.

Charles River Analytics is applying the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning to ensure mission readiness of the US Army’s robotic combat vehicles. Robotic combat vehicles, or RCVs, can reduce casualties and increase combat effectiveness in Army missions. But the same feature that reduces casualties—RCVs have no operators or crew onboard—makes RCV maintenance a […]

Charles River Analytics Develops AI System for Optimizing Intelligence Collection Planning

Military personnel at computers using AFICIONADO, a system for optimizing intelligence collection planning and management.

Charles River Analytics was awarded funding by the US Army to develop an improved system for intelligence collection planning and management. Human collection managers usually create intelligence collection plans by relying on personal experience and judgment. This process is time-consuming and cognitively challenging, and can lead to redundancies, inefficiencies, and critical information gaps. To address […]

Charles River Analytics Builds AI to Manage Exposure of Uncrewed Surface Vehicles

Two uncrewed surface vehicles using MIN-COST onboard AI, one in visible mode and one in covert mode

Following successful demonstration of a prototype system, Charles River Analytics was awarded a $600k contract from the US Navy to further develop onboard AI for uncrewed surface vehicles (USVs). USVs in shipping lanes or active fishing zones must be visible to prevent collisions. But when in open waters, USVs may need to hide to avoid […]