Introducing Scruff

Logo for Scruff, an artificial intelligence framework

Avi Pfeffer, Chief Scientist, Charles River Analytics I’m delighted to announce the release of Scruff™, the new AI framework from Charles River Analytics. Scruff, which is implemented in Julia, is a framework for building integrated AI systems that combine different modeling paradigms in a coherent framework. The name “Scruff” derives from old debates in AI: […]

Charles River Success Leads to Additional Navy Funding for Real-Time Ocean Mapping

An uncrewed aircraft system captures data about the ocean surface and transmits it to a nearby ship

Following a successful proof of concept, Charles River Analytics was awarded more than $1.1 million by the US Navy to apply computer vision and autonomous robotics capabilities to navigation over the open ocean. Images of the ocean can be captured by sensors on uncrewed aircraft systems (UASs), which also record data about position, orientation, and […]

Charles River Analytics to Design a Maintenance System for the US Army’s Robotic Combat Vehicles

Two US Army soldiers looking at computer monitors showing images of robotic combat vehicles.

Charles River Analytics is applying the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning to ensure mission readiness of the US Army’s robotic combat vehicles. Robotic combat vehicles, or RCVs, can reduce casualties and increase combat effectiveness in Army missions. But the same feature that reduces casualties—RCVs have no operators or crew onboard—makes RCV maintenance a […]

Charles River Analytics Develops AI System for Optimizing Intelligence Collection Planning

Military personnel at computers using AFICIONADO, a system for optimizing intelligence collection planning and management.

Charles River Analytics was awarded funding by the US Army to develop an improved system for intelligence collection planning and management. Human collection managers usually create intelligence collection plans by relying on personal experience and judgment. This process is time-consuming and cognitively challenging, and can lead to redundancies, inefficiencies, and critical information gaps. To address […]

Charles River Analytics Builds AI to Manage Exposure of Uncrewed Surface Vehicles

Two uncrewed surface vehicles using MIN-COST onboard AI, one in visible mode and one in covert mode

Following successful demonstration of a prototype system, Charles River Analytics was awarded a $600k contract from the US Navy to further develop onboard AI for uncrewed surface vehicles (USVs). USVs in shipping lanes or active fishing zones must be visible to prevent collisions. But when in open waters, USVs may need to hide to avoid […]