Defense Logistics Agency Taps Charles River Analytics to Assess Risks in Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Charles River Analytics is one of four companies awarded an approximately $100K contract from the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) to develop Probabilistic Reasoning on Supply Chain Readiness of International Pharmaceuticals using Trade Information (PRESCRIPTION). PRESCRIPTION pulls together information from global trade networks, including potential disruptors to the supply chain, such as political turmoil or natural […]

The National Institutes of Health Awards Charles River Analytics Grant to Develop Non-Invasive, Cost-Effective Brain Mapping Techniques

Charles River Analytics was awarded a ~$250K grant from the National Institutes of Health to develop Neurosurgical Planning with Robust Eloquent Area Delineation from Individualized Connectivity-Based Techniques (NeuroPREDICT). NeuroPREDICT is a software application that applies machine learning to medical imagery, enabling brain mapping of neurosurgical patients before surgery. NeuroPREDICT will increase the accuracy of emerging […]

National Cancer Institute Awards Charles River Analytics Funding to Develop Wearable Informatics


Charles River Analytics was awarded ~$400K contract from the National Cancer Institute to develop a privacy-preserving Wearable Health Informatics Platform for Extensible Research (WHISPER). WHISPER is an informatics tool for securely acquiring, querying, analyzing, and visualizing patient data. It integrates and harmonizes data from multiple wearable devices to measure cancer and symptom progression. WHISPER will […]

US Navy Awards Charles River Analytics Contract to Develop a Real-Time, Distributed Combat System of Systems for Navy Ships

Charles River Analytics was awarded a $140,000 contract from the US Navy to develop a Core Combat Architecture (COCOA). COCOA is a real-time, distributed, platform-agnostic computing framework that will help the Navy coordinate multiple combat systems with diverse sensor and weapons capabilities. Its application program interface (API) will provide developers access to data and communications […]

US Navy Awards Charles River Analytics Contract to Predict Adversary Courses of Action

Charles River Analytics was awarded a ~$500K contract from the US Navy under the Office of Naval Research’s Minerva Innovative Naval Prototype (INP) program to develop Probabilistic COA Reasoner Enhanced by Meta Reinforcement Learning (PERCIVAL-MERLIN). Under PERCIVAL-MERLIN, we are conducting research to formalize course-of-action (COA) modeling in a novel way that allows commanders and analysts […]