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From left to right: Air Force Gala Chairman Tim Brock; Dr. Greg Zacharias, Charles River Analytics; Mr. Jack Blackhurst, AFRL Human Effectiveness Directorate; General Norton A. Schwartz, Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force; and Central Florida Chapter President Michael Liquori.

Air Force Association Recognizes Charles River Analytics for Pioneering Work in Human Performance

The Central Florida Chapter of the Air Force Association (AFA) recognized Charles River Analytics for its pioneering work in Human Performance Science and Technology (S&T), at the AFA’s 28th Annual Air Warfare Symposium and Technology Exposition in Orlando, Florida. The program notes pointed out that “manned flight, one of the most daunting Research and Development (R&D) programs ever undertaken, is only overshadowed by the never-ending R&D efforts to improve upon this discovery. Tonight we acknowledge the men and women whose dedication and creativity have ensured the USAF is, and will remain, the world’s premier air power.”

The award was presented by Chief of Staff of the Air Force General Norton A. Schwartz, who serves as the senior uniformed Air Force officer responsible for forces both in the US and overseas, as well as a military adviser to the Secretary of Defense, National Security Council, and the President. Dr. Greg Zacharias, President of Charles River, received the award on behalf of Charles River during a gala banquet on February 24, 2012.

Charles River was designated a Jimmy Doolittle Educational Fellow, an award that honors those who support the Air Force and the Air Force Association. The award was named for the late General Jimmy Doolittle for his efforts promoting public understanding and support of aerospace power. General Doolittle served in the US Army Air Forces during World War II and is the only person to have earned both the Medal of Honor and Medal of Freedom.

Dr. Zacharias said, “We are particularly honored by this award and its recognition of Charles River’s contributions to assessing human performance, and improving human effectiveness through a range of S&T advancements, including sensor-augmented perception, decision-aiding for cognitive enhancement, and human-centric design for effective human-machine interaction. It is especially gratifying to have been presented the award by General Schwartz, and to have him recognize the importance of the contributions made by the S&T community to support our warfighters in air, space, and cyberspace. We thank the AFA and the Central Florida Chapter for bringing this all together in one spectacular event.”

The AFA is a non-profit military and aerospace association for educating the public on aerospace power and its role in national security. Its annual symposium highlights aerospace technology and education. The focus of this year’s symposium was Redefining Air and Space Power after Iraq and included discussions from top Air Force leaders, including Secretary of the Air Force Michael B. Donley, General Norton A. Schwartz, and Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force James A. Roy.

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