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Our healthcare support and training efforts empower our customers with best-in-class AI techniques

Advancing Medicine with AI: Charles River Analytics Applies Artificial Intelligence to Healthcare

Charles River Analytics Inc., developer of intelligent systems solutions, has expanded our research and development on healthcare support and training over the last decade. Since 2009, we have announced multiple medical contract awards, including surgical training systems, a first-aid training framework, and artificial-intelligence-enabled patient support online communities. We have recently developed medical decision aids, healthcare data analytics, sensors and sensing technology, and mobile training technology.

The healthcare industry continues to rapidly evolve with large volumes of data and more challenges in cost and patient outcomes. Artificial intelligence can process data from multiple sources and provide predictive analytics that drive the best path of care.

“Our staff has helped usher in this healthcare paradigm shift,” said Dr. Peter Weyhrauch, Vice President, Human Effectiveness Division, at Charles River Analytics. “We empower US government and commercial customers with our best-in-class AI techniques so they can make the most informed decisions for patients.”

We have successfully applied AI to numerous medical scenarios that help shape the industry.

AI Applied to Patient Support

When applied to patient support, AI can greatly improves patient-doctor communication. With our state-of-art telemedicine, specialists can assist patients when it matters most. Our recent patient support efforts include:

  • WASH, a DARPA program that develops algorithms to enable continuous and real-time assessment of the Warfighter through data captured by cellphone sensors
  • CAMPFIRE, a research tool that assesses and monitors subtle cognitive changes associated with cancer and cancer treatment

AI in medicine

With our support solutions, providers can help patients when it matters most

Autonomy AI

To enhance resiliency on the battlefield, Warfighters need better access to casualty care. Under recent efforts for the government, we are pioneering how autonomous artificial intelligence can help save lives. Our recent autonomy AI efforts include:

  • ARC3, a system that provides life-saving techniques and strategies for trauma care on the battlefield, known as Tactical Combat Casualty Care
  • BRACE, a modular hardware/software appliqué that integrates proven sensing and autonomy capabilities to quickly evacuate casualties from active battlefields
  • APOLLO, a toolkit that helps robots visually perceive casualties in real time and remove them from harm

BRACE simulation

A simulation of two BRACE-enabled platforms approaching a casualty before collaboratively lifting and dragging him to a safe position

Operational Medical Assistance

Our AI systems learn from previous cases and store knowledge to help medical personnel make split-second decisions in the field. These operational medical assistance systems can quickly diagnose medical issues and provide treatment recommendations. Our medical assistance tools include:

  • CAPTURE, intelligent user interfaces that streamline the capture of medical information for the US Army
  • EPIC3, a traumatic injury prediction mobile app that reduces the number of preventable deaths from battlefield injuries by resolving the issues faced by medics in the field

CAPTURE AR interface

Augmented-reality interface that captures medical information

Intelligent Tutoring

Customized and adaptive intelligent tutoring focuses education and training experiences on individual differences and instructional needs. Our student assessment and scenario generation tools allow us to build effective tutors for medical applications. Our current intelligent tutoring projects include:

  • VITAMMINS, a medical simulation and tutoring system that classifies an individual’s skill and continuously adapts training content to meet individual learning needs
  • CHARACTER, a serious game that trains medical team skills and reduces medical errors in high-intensity trauma treatment
  • EFECTIVE, the Department of Defense’s first comprehensive system that trains military personnel on medical care and logistics in austere, far-forward environments
  • STAT, a tablet-based training system that presents a virtual patient in multiple trauma scenarios for efficient and effective learning, rehearsal, and assessment


Our VITAMMINS medical simulation and tutoring system

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