We develop and deploy realistic agents in a variety of training domains to support team training, realistic adversaries, and patterns of life. Our skills-training apps immerse participants in gamified environments that are realistically rendered. To optimize training, we measure participants’ physiological signals and cognitive workloads to support adaptive curriculums tailored to each individual to optimize the time they spend in training. Our AR/VR authoring toolkit and prototyping platform can be used to generate immersive skill training and non-invasively track trainee states throughout their training. 

Game-Based Training

We use a number of gaming technologies, such as Unity and Kinect, to develop serious games for training. Our game-based experiences provide accessible and affordable training of key concepts and skills, using automatic tracking and feedback to emphasize knowledge gains and durable procedural skills. Our training games specialize in introductory learning and refreshing cognitive skills, such as decision making.

Agent-Based Training

Computer generated forces created with cutting edge artificial intelligence, cognitive modeling, and agent-based approaches improve the effectiveness and affordability of training and mission rehearsal. We develop and deploy realistic agents in a variety of training domains to support team training and realistic adversaries.

Human Performance Modeling/Monitoring

We enable users to collect, analyze, visualize, and reason about human physiological, neurological, and behavioral states during training sessions. Our tools are advancing rapid integration of custom or commercially available off-the-shelf hardware components (e.g., sensors, data transmitters, data servers), requiring minimal development to meet operational needs.

Intelligent Tutoring

Customized and adaptive intelligent tutoring focuses education and training experiences on individual differences and instructional needs. Our student assessment and scenario generation tools allow us to build effective tutors in a variety of domains, from marksmanship and battlefield medicine to basic topics in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM).

Mixed Reality/Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality

Immersive and adaptive mixed reality (MR), virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) training maximizes transfer of skills through ecological mapping of real-world scenarios to computer generated training scenarios, reducing training equipment, development, execution, and maintenance costs. We provide custom MR/VR/AR training experiences that can be tailored to individual trainees to maximize skill improvement and retention, while applying best-in-breed off-the-shelf components to reduce deployment costs and training restrictions.

Live, Virtual, Constructive Systems

Live, virtual, and constructive (LVC) training and simulation has been embraced by the militaries of the world and is increasingly being integrated into operational decision aids. We are developing and transitioning a number of LVC solutions for a variety of mission domains to support training with multiple levels of fidelity.

Simulation-Based Training

High-fidelity, realistic training simulations promote mission readiness. Our training systems accurately simulate military and other domain features in meaningful scenarios that exercise critical decision-making skills. With these systems, trainees understand and learn from realistic consequences while experts prepare for specific missions.

Our suite of adaptive
intelligent training solutions

KWYN technologies put AI into your training program to accelerate skills acquisition and retention. 

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