Enhanced Human Performance and Job Readiness

Trainees must graduate your training program ready to perform in high-stress, complex jobs. With our components in place, trainees experience and understand their future work environment. Learn how Dr. Bethany Bracken and staff have developed software, hardware, and proven best practices to measure and evaluate how well a student will perform when facing the pressures that occur in their job environment.

Human Interfaces for Training Technology

We help our clients ensure that their training investment delivers long-term payoffs for their organization. Our ecologically valid, immersive training environments and custom tools streamline development and increase your ROI. Learn how we are supporting natural human interactions in virtual, augmented, and mixed reality environments.

What Virtual Worlds Will You Create?

At Charles River Analytics, we are devoted to improving user experiences with AI and other advanced technology platforms. As such, our engineers and scientists proudly announce the release of the Virtuoso Software Development Kit. Use this free, open-source, extended reality framework to quickly build augmented and virtual reality experiences. What Virtual Worlds Will You Create?

Sensing and Perception

Robotic platforms that cannot autonomously adapt to dynamic surroundings are of limited use when carrying out complex missions—they can jeopardize mission success and endanger your personnel. Our sensing and perception components use data from a platform’s own sensor suite to enhance scene understanding through the use of advanced AI and machine-learning algorithms, including computer vision and natural language processing. Learn more about our solutions!

Robot-To-Robot Coordination and Swarms

Poor coordination among teams of robots performing high-risk tasks—such as casualty extraction, scouting, and explosive device countermeasures—can endanger the personnel they are supposed to protect. We provide system components that ensure robots and swarms can leverage collective intelligence and robot-to-robot coordination to safely and efficiently achieve their objectives. Learn more about what we offer!

Autonomous Platforms

The ability of autonomous platforms to navigate and interact in previously unexperienced environments can lead to unintended behaviors that jeopardize mission success. Our robust autonomy algorithms and software combine low-level sensing and perception of dynamic environments with mission-level understanding and decision making so robots can operate in dynamic and uncertain environments. Ask us how our system components can complement your team!


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